Since 2001 Castle Car Rental Kuwait started in auto mobile business, we serve our value customers with our high standard and superior services; we have become widely accepted from individuals to private companies. Castle Car Rental is a big and progressive company eager to expand its operations through a committed approach to customer service and value for money. To fulfill all requirements of our customers, we emphasize on the best quality of our vehicles with well-trained staff and after-rent service. Castle car rental is proud to provide car rental services 24 hours a day, where the company has a wide range Cars of American, Japanese, Korean Sedan, family size . Castle has been keen on flexibility in its dealings by providing systems employ very smooth, as required through customer demand in terms of periods of time; we have a rental option of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Our Vision:
To lead the concept of car dealership for new prospects as it is difficult to overcome this concept but through ensuring our customers the best quality service as possible, which would increase the size of our sales, and constantly work to build and strengthen our team, and strive towards developing and improving our facilities to remain first choice.
Our Mission:
To be your first choice in providing the best quality services for all our customers. As we strive towards achieving success in our investments and external and internal dealings, and strictly abide by the ethical principles and standards. We pay great attention to investment in human resources.
We strive to provide the best services to our clients from individuals, the private sector and Government departments, that meet their needs and desires. So come by providing outstanding services and innovative package and a fleet of cars that distinguishes diversity in all categories. With the permanent quest to be the first choice . 
Castle Car Rental Services
1. Leasing :
Our company has a huge fleet of vehicles . Our customer can relying on our services such as different and distinguish vehicle models choices at best rate. Where our clients are looking to rent a car in Kuwait, we are looking for the service perfection with the lead of a company team work study the Kuwait market for car rentals, 24-hours Emergency Assistance, vehicle maintenance.. in another word our clients looking for castle car rental when they are looking for financial and luxury wise.
2. Feel your Car drive
our rental contains daily, weekly and monthly rentals covering both corporate and Individuals. and in order to satisfy our customers needs, we have lot of offer related to multi-choice of vehicles and branches located and distributed in all Kuwait to serve our customers.
3. Chauffeur-Driver Services :
Castle Car Rental Kuwait has a chauffeur / driver service are available and multi choice of any kind of car rentals (daily, weekly and monthly). Safety and relaxation of our customer is the base which we are working on to facilitate our clients requirements for car rentals. the drivers / chauffeurs are professionals in driving. our fleet cover variety of economic, and luxurious cars to satisfy our clients requirements.
4. Our distinct Services :
1.   Car Maintenance and Service.
2 .  Insurance.
3.   24hours Road Assistance.
4.   Baby Seats.
5.   GPS.
6.   More and more services.
Customer Services

Our services are available upon your request ... please contact our call center 22055022