Castle Car Rental offers car rental services of all kinds (Long-term contracts) the company can during the short period from development and strengthening of our activities, allowing existence in right place inside the intense competition in the market. We also have long-term contracts to meet the needs of many customers for various private companies and government agencies from one year and up to 3 years for all types of new vehicles, according to customer choosing.

This is in addition to the distinguished services that we do and include:

  • Open Speedometers
  • Free comprehensive insurance in Kuwait
  • Free comprehensive Maintenance for car leased all the duration of the contract
  • Providing alternative cars at accidents and breakdowns throughout the duration of the contract
  • 24/7 assistance service on the road

For further information and offers please  contact our team to enable us to understand the request and  provide Special offer fits your work contact us on 22055022.